What We Do

Repair & Repaint of Existing Kitchens

We specialize in spray painting of existing or new kitchen cabinets and vanities. We take pride in the preparation of each piece to ensure a beautiful and professional finish.

Painting of New Kitchens in All Finishes

Some homeowners want to remodel their kitchen and change the entire layout and design. In the case you require new cabinetry, you only have to purchase and paint those pieces needed to finish the remodeling project.

Shop Fittings

We have experience in painting and refinishing of office or shop furniture including filing cabinets, metal shelving as well as painting of warehouse/industrial fittings such as lockers, racks and shelving.

Furniture Restoration (all styles and finishes )

Renovate your house with existing furniture. We can restore and refinish your dining room, bedroom, kitchen doors & cabinets, table, chairs, wall units, entertainment units with a new look.

Interior House Doors / Hand Railings

Painting a front door is a sure-fire way to boost the curb appeal of any home. The front door is the focal point of a house and the gateway to the home awaiting inside. We offer a flawless finish, free of brush and roller marks that can make a lasting impression.

Outdoor Furniture

We refinish your outdated or worn outdoor furniture to match your current lifestyle and decorating tastes. We can repaint metal, wood and many other materials and use only durable, trusted and long-lasting coatings.


Sunlight, rain and high-temperature damage your furniture, wearing away the beauty and strength of the natural wood. Staining helps protect your furniture, interior & exterior from the glare of UV rays, temperature extremes, moisture, mildew, bugs, and other stressors.

Cabinets Restoration & Painting

We take your old, tired, worn, or out-of-date wood cabinets and giving them a brand new look by spraying them with a new coat of paint.We transform the look of your cabinets at a fraction of the cost of refacing or remodeling.

We use PPG products

PPG paints provide excellent protection throughout the life of the paint so you will have a cleaner and healthier home environment. We deliver the paints, coatings and materials that are trusted in the industry for more than 130 years. Before making it to the store shelf, PPG Architectural Coating paints have been through a rigorous laboratory and testing procedures, ensuring they are the best quality, safe for your health and the most technically advanced paints available.

Large and small jobs

All our painting projects have one thing in common which is the professional results and attention to details and customer’s needs no matter how big or small the project is. We also offer free estimates, 24 hours service, for all house painting and commercial painting projects, and stand by our work and deadlines.

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Address: 15b Bruce Mclaren Road, Henderson, Auckland.
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